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SurveyOne believes that high quality data collection gives useful insights to achieve market research objectives that lead clients to win the market. That is why we are dedicated to precise quality control system in every stage; starting from understanding research objectives, research design, research methodology, questionnaire design, data collection processes, to the best efforts to follow processes required by clients in full service assignments. SurveyOne Code of Ethics is our way to professionalism in delivering the best services to our clients. Our business practices abide by ICC/ESOMAR International Code on Market and Social Research.

As a member of MARKETING Group, a group that publishes the most widely circulated marketing magazine in Indonesia, SurveyOne is considered as a resourceful market research firm.

Since its establishment in 2001 SurveyOne (www.surveyone.co.id) has been providing excellent services to clients both in qualitative and quantitative market research for hundreds of product categories across Indonesia. SurveyOne team consists of marketing research consultants and practitioners, strategic marketing consultants, dedicated quality control team, competent data analysts, and hundreds of experienced field data collectors spread widely in 33 provinces and in more than 60 secondary cities. SurveyOne is an expert not only in field data collections but also in delivering full services including contributing strategic recommendations based on survey results.

In addition to market research services, SurveyOne also provides a service on monitoring of social media and conversation analysis of client’s brand that are communicated in social media, and delivers relevant recommendations.

Who We Are

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Working with knowledge of market and industry


33 Provinces and more than 60 secondary cities


Excellent teamwork with good experiences


Delivering insightful interpretations and actionable recommendations


Affordable price with high quality of research


Quality control in every research process

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Almost 1,000 field interviewers

33 provinces and more than 60 secondary cities

Marketing Research Services

Qualitative Research


• One on One(s)/ In depth Interview

• Focus Group Discussion (FGD)

• Mini Group Discussion

• Dyads

• Triads

• Mystery Shopping

• Desk Research

• Ethnography


• Concept test

• Positioning research

• Post & Tagline Development

• Mystery Shopping

• Packaging Evaluation

• Brand Extendibility

• Usage & Attitude

• Brand name & Graphics test

• Advertising Evaluation (Pre & Post Production)

• Lifestyle/Habits and Attitudes Research

• Behavioral Observation

Quantitative Research


• Face to Face Interview • Phone Interview

• Mail Survey

• Central Location Test

• Mall Intercept

• Retail Survey

• Online Survey




• Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Survey (CSLS)

• Employee Compliance Survey

• Employee Loyalty & Commitment Survey

• Positioning Research

• Segmentation & Targeting Research

• Strategic Marketing Survey

• Customer Value Research

• Churn Survey

• U & A Study

• Brand Equity Research

• Brand Switching Analysis

• Brand Competitive Mapping

• Brand Extendibility

• Market Performance Tracking

• New Product/Service Concept Test

• Product Test

• Placement Test

• Adv. Pre & Post Evaluation

• Promotion & Gimmick Research

• Packaging Research

• Value & Pricing Research

• Corporate Image

• Carpet Research

• Demand Modeling Study

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